He was born on 1543 from law rangking daimyo family who has given as a hostage as an insurance policies to get trust from the higher daimyo, in the same time when Portugis came to Japan which bring gun and catholiscm. Tokugawa Ieyasu trained to be samurai by the famous sword samurai legend Miyamoto Musashi.
After his master got killed by Oda Nobunaga, he returned to his family and got married with two children then expand his teritory by using his patient strategies and claimed as an independent lord as a daimyo who fight for his own family and help them to bring peace on to the japanese land.

On the other hand, not long after Nobunaga killed the Tokugawa Ieyasu master, he claimed a half japan is under his control and became fear and ruthless under his regime and he campaign to unify japan. According to Joan Rodriquez , the Portugal Catholic Priest who wrote his journey, Nobunaga to begin cutting through the thick forest of wars and discord in Japan and he subdued about half the country to in fear of him made the remaining part ready to obey him in anything. Unfortunately in the battle of Nagashino Nobunaga armed 3000 of his foot soldiers 3 ranks deep as 10,000 enemy warriors charged, Nobunaga's musketeers fired in succession decimating the opposing army, it was very manly and imbued with the ideal of valour when their face to face with the enemy. Until one night treachery within his inner circle caught him off guard he got killed by unloyal generals who turned to be traitors. With quick movement Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of Nobunaga loyal general claimed him self to be a leader by killed the traitors who kill his master.

Tokugawa Ieyatsu see from the distance and instead of challenge Hideyoshi, he over a friendship to Hideyoshi then Hideyoshi gave him Edo as his territory which now as known as Tokyo.
He build a castle at Edo and start arranged married for his daughter to the son emperor of japan to build the strong army division to expand his territory.

On the mean time Hideyoshi adopted a young male to be his son but when he reached 60th he have his own son and he name it by hideyori. He was so obssess to his son and he ask his adopted son and their family to commite seppuku / harakiri (suiccide). The catholic priest witness this happened.

There is the explaination for the characters of the three unifiers of Japan while Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Tokugawa were watching a cuckoo bird waiting for it to sing but the bird doesn't sing and Nobunaga says that "Little bird, if you don't sing I will kill you". And Hideyoshi says that "Little bird, if you don't sing, I'll make you sing". Then Tokugawa Ieyasu says that " Little bird, if you don't sing I will wait for you to sing". Tokugawa Ieyasu use his patient strategy who will wait for things to go his way and then he will act. However, through he was brave and also cautious. In a famous story, Tokugawa Ieyasu was known as an excellent horseman, one day he and his troops had to cross a very narrow bridge over a raging river, all were watching to see how the great Tokugawa Ieyasu would ride his horse over this dangerous bridge to his men's surprise, he dismounted took the horse's reins in his hands and carefully led the horse over the bridge to the other side, that's how vigilant he was. I believe this kind of caution helped him to victory in battle.

William Adam, an English man got capture by the Portugal Catholic priest as a pirate cause the differences his believe as a protestant, they dumped him into the Japanese jail under Tokugawa Ieyasu power. Instead of got death sentence, Tokugawa Ieyasu invite him to get to know him and learn from him and Tokugawa Ieyasu made him to be his commercial agent who work and trade with Dutch East Hindia Company. He got married and settle in Japan.

Before 1603 Hideyori started doing a movement by not obeying Tokugawa Ieyasu who become his protector. Tokugawa Ieyasu started to plan to coupe and declare all the japanese territory as in his hand so he started to attack the Osaka Castle and also send the female samurai to speak with the Hideyori mother by sending his letter which written by his blood.